Top 9 Wine Posts of 2019

Another amazing year for the @winepair We savored over 215 great wines, visited 27 wineries we haven’t been to before, formed 12 new collaboration partnerships and gained over 3,000 new IG connections. 

This is the story behind our Top 9 wine posts on Instagram for 2019. These are the posts with the most likes and highest engagement rate. It’s fun to look back and reminisce about the wines, experiences, and people we’ve met along the way.


  1. Juggernaut Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine we picked on a whim and were blown away when we drank it. Juggernaut is a big, beefy wine, just like the bottle that holds it. The cool label is even more amazing when viewed on the Juggernaut Wine website – check it out here
  2. Second, on our list, this year was one of our favorites, Westerly Wines from Santa Barbara. We always enjoy Westerly wines but this Savignon Blanc was the perfect pairing with our traditional Easter ham dinner.
  3. A great discovery and partnership this year was with Repour Wine Saver. We did a fun experiment with 2 identical bottles of wine to test how the Repour would work. The results were impressive. Check out the results in our blog post here. 
  4. Last year we started the New Year off with a bottle of The Prisoner. This is a special wine and the perfect blend. Funny to realize that we had the same dinner last New Years as we did this year ~  wine braised, melt in your mouth, short ribs. We love our “tried and true” recipes!
  5. I’m a huge fan of P!nk and her music and we are now fans of her wines, Two Wolves Wine. We were thrilled to become members of her “Tribe” and we have now received two allocations of wine! Apparently, lots of other people are fans as well based on the response from this post on IG and FB!
  6. We are lucky to be located in So Cal and close to some great wine regions. One of our favorites is the beautiful Santa Maria Valley. We have had several wine-ventures to the region and have shared some of our experiences here.
  7. When we are asked for a recommendation for a winery to visit in Sonoma, Cline Cellars is always #1 on our list. It is truly our favorite not only for sentimental, reasons but their wines make the visit worth it. Cline was one of the first wineries we visited when we were dating and we served Cline wines at our Napa wedding a couple of years later! See the story here.
  8. We are big Zinfandel fans and one of our favorite go-to Zin’s is Joel Gott. With fruit sourced from growing regions in California, Washington, and Oregon their wines never disappoint us. We have enjoyed some of their other varietals including the Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay but always go back to the Zin.
  9. Last but not least on our list is a visit to a local wine bar, Driftwood Wine Bar. We love visiting wine bars, tasting through a flight of wines while enjoying small bite pairings with them. Sadly Driftwood closed shortly after our last visit but we’re hopeful something similar will go in its place.

As we say every year, we are truly grateful for our amazing #winelife and look forward to more great wine, experiences, tasting, friendships, and adventures in 2020.

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