Joe To Go

We recently had the opportunity to try some fun new wines. The cool part is that they are canned wine made in Oregon! Joe To Go are wines produced by Joe Dobbs and his brand Wine By Joe. Their tag line “really good wine” is really true! We were fortunate enough to try each of their canned varietals, a Pinot Gris, Rose, and Pinot Noir and we enjoyed all of them. 

Great for a warm summer day and outings to the beach or park the Pinot Gris or Rose are both perfect choices. The Pinot Gris is light and crisp with subtle pineapple, mango and citrus flavors. This wine would pair nicely with grilled fish or an oven-roasted chicken as well as some spicy Mexican food or southern barbeque. The rose is a pinot based wine and was also refreshing with hints of floral notes, strawberry, and red plums. This wine would also pair well with any kind of seafood, pasta with a light sauce and vegetables and just about any cheese. All perfect for outdoor entertaining.

The Wine by Joe Pinot Noir was a very nice surprise! With bright red fruits, cherry, raspberry, and cranberry along with a hint of baking spice, this was a good, easy-drinking wine! We paired this wine with a traditional turkey dinner but as a take-along to outdoor adventures, it would be great with sandwiches, burgers & hotdogs or kebabs.

At just $7/can these wines are not only a good price point, but they are also a really good wine-to-go. Each can contains 2 ½ 5 oz. glasses and are the perfect single serving. Check out their website to learn more!

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