Repour Wine Saver

We love wine accessories and gadgets, especially ones that have a great impact on our wine experience. Recently we had the opportunity to try a cool new product – the Repour Wine SaverAlthough we were skeptical at first we were amazed by the results! Copy of Oxygenabsorbedpic CFA

Repour is a simple bottle stopper with cool oxygen absorbing technology. The oxygen absorbing material inside the stopper actively and continuously removes all of the oxygen from the air above the wine in the bottle, and from the wine itself. One stopper can be reused until the bottle is done. When you open a new bottle, use a new Repour.

In order to test the Repour, we decided to do an experiment with two bottles of the same wine. One night we 20190110_181759opened and drank half of ONE bottle and then used a Repour stopper to seal it up. We kept this bottle on the counter in our pantry while the 2nd bottle remained unopened in our wine fridge. A month and a half later we reopened the first bottle along with opening the NEW bottle. Side-by-side comparison – AMAZING!!!!

First, to note, the aroma on the previously opened bottle was slightly different. Not in a negative way but it was noticeable. Taste wise – not one difference! If we did a blind tasting on it we wouldn’t have known one wine was opened 40+ days earlier!

We don’t have leftover wine very often but this new product will be a staple in our household from now on! Perfect for a night one of us is drinking wine and the other is having a cocktail or beer. No more guilt in only drinking 1/2 bottle knowing it will save perfectly!

The other big benefit we see is for Repour to be used in restaurants, bars, and tasting rooms. This is the perfect way for a restaurant or bar to expand their by-the-glass offerings without waste in wine going bad and for a winery, to be able to open some reserve wines that they generally don’t offer on their tasting menu is huge!

In our opinion, in terms of wine preservation tools, this product is better than anything on the market. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think. Repour has offered our readers a great discount – Buy 2 packs Get 1 FREE. Choose your pack size and click the link to purchase: box of 4box of 10 or box of 72!

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